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Our comprehensive range of premium British handmade piano stools, is sold very much with an emphasis on uniqueness, combined with high quality and lasting beauty.  Both our Woodhouse and John Austin ranges are fully customisable where you choose the colour, finish, dralon, chenille and leather upholstery options.


The light oak is just right..."The light oak is just right..." - Teresa Neame
- Kent, United Kingdom

Free delivery including Northern Ireland,
Scotland & Wales
We also deliver most of our stools to Europe and the Channel Isles.



Just the two of us..."Thank you so much.  My son and daughter-in-law
are delighted" - Heather Goudie - Angus, Scotland

Premium British Handmade Piano Stools

Our Woodhouse and John Austin range of piano stools are all custom made to last from real hard-woods - while beautiful grains complement upholstered hard-wearing Dralon, Chenille and genuine leather.

These unique stools are hand-crafted with care and made to order in the United Kingdom. This process only takes between 10-14 working days for Woodhouse stools or 15-20 working days to complete for John Austin Stools.  Your stool is then safely delivered to your home or work-place by courier.


British Standards

Both our John Austin and Woodhouse premium and budget range of piano stools are all handmade to British Standards.  This is important when you start to consider consistency of materials used and especially British Standards regarding fire safety - this can not always be guaranteed when purchasing upholstered piano stools which are mass-produced and imported by the container-load from the 'Far East', for example.


Upholster with your own fabric

You can fully customise your British hand-crafted stool to your particular desire - you choose the colour, fabric or leather and wood finish.

We can even upholster the stool with your own fabric, just click on the 'Supply my own fabric' swatch towards the bottom of any stool page. Your order confirmation email will then contain all the information you need - you will then be able to send us your own fabric with the correct dimensions and specification.


Each Stool is Unique

All the stools we sell are handmade and therefore, each stool is unique.  The nature of the hand-making process ensures that your stool will be very slightly different from any other piano stool sold.  Furthermore, your stool will not only be the colour and finish you choose;  including a bespoke 'colour matching' service but will also be upholstered with one of many fabric/leather options - or even with the material that you supply.


The real feel

The touch and feel of real wood compared to composite alternatives can not be over stated. A real wood piano stool is warm, pleasant and reassuring to the touch - it will also give you a lifetime of enjoyment.  A real wood piano stool would also make a much loved family heirloom.


Can't quite find the right wood colour?

Just give us a quick call on 01953 456 654 to discuss your requirements and we'll advise you on how to choose the best colour match to your piano.  This may also involve you emailing a photo of your instrument - but don't worry, we'll also advice you on how to do this as well. Ultimately, you'll then be the proud owner of a sympathetically colour-matched piano stool that will complement your treasured family piano, harp or keyboard.


Good old-fashioned service

We pride ourselves on providing a 'good old-fashioned service', combined with 21st century convenience.  We also believe there is no such thing as a stupid question - so, if you are in doubt about anything,  just ask   or call 01953 456 654.

Don't forget - Free UK delivery on all stools, including Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

We also deliver most of our stools to Europe including Dublin and the Channel Isles for a small additional fee.



Key Features:





  •   Hand-made in the UK to British Standards

  •   Made from real Hard-woods

  •   Finished to any of 16-17 wood colours

  •   A choice of 12-24 fabrics

  •   A bespoke fabric service

  •   Leather options also available


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