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John Bayles Pianos is an on-line store that offers a select range of new pianos, second-hand pianos, British hand-made piano stools and   hand-made music cabinets  -  A growing range of music accessories and gifts is also available.

The range of  pianos  we sell are chosen entirely for their reputation, quality, durability and dependability of both tuning and mechanical stability.  Similarly, our comprehensive range of premium   British hand-made piano stools,  is sold very much with an emphasis on uniqueness combined with high quality and lasting beauty.

Try Before You Buy

We also offer an on-line service whereby, for the same monthly cost of owning a typical smart phone, you can   rent an accustic piano.  

From the comfort of your favourite armchair, you can select the piano, rental period and even the colour of your rental instrument.  We'll then take care of everything else, including all delivery arrangements.

The piano rental scheme incorporates various options to purchase (although you are never obligated to purchase) if you just wish to continue renting a piano.

We also make sure there are no hidden charges when you rent a piano from us.  Delivery is free to a ground-floor level (including return delivery if required) - there is however, an additional fee for deliveries involving basements or upper-floor levels.


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